peace mission for peace

for as long as i remember i have been focused on helping bring the awareness of peace to the planet.  deeply moved by history and aware of the tools we can use to create better systems, i am on fire with this idea.

if you would like to help support my mission of creating more peace thru understanding of possibilities, you can donate here.

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ॐ for peace


inner ascension

inner ascension is upon us and deeply embedded in our lightbody is all there is to know for one day at least.

more will be revealed as the saying goes in any onion peeling operation to get to the soul frequencies.  mind dissolving into the heart.

more embodied sense of true self.  divine in nature.

structure time and space for awakening.

om mani padme hum

education is the future

the peace love revolution i dreamed of the dream last summer has come to pass.   my motivation was to help inspire an opening in the hearts and minds of souls.  but movement within the hearts requires we then work to help and work with others in ways that are beneficial for eachother, balanced and transparent.  free of miscommunication and misrepresentation and misleading ideas that keep us bound to our realities in 3d.  relations, with oceans, jungles, friends and colleagues.  then the real powerful conscious creativity has a chance to blossom.  much has already begun, much more to do and a presence that unity consciousness is possible.  a personal spiritual practise in my opinion is a prerequisite for such insights and awareness.

peace on earth



om namah shivaya om

two ways things change

there are two ways things change, in a society and individually.  we either hold out as long as we can with the untruths and suppress our need to express, and when the levee finally breaks, exposure tells the tales and changes are inevitable.

the other way is to forsee or understand the issue before it breaks and gets ugly and look not only for solutions, but enact them.

careful thoughts of cultural ways, what is its history, what are its ideals and values as well as what is its passions and drives can result in effective planning that is simple and can create healing of any imbalances.

i was recently made aware of a great thinker poet and philsopher politician named cicero.  he affirms, learn about the self early on=

we are coming into a time on earth and the universe, where the scales are being tipped for us in a profoundly powerful way.  we have learned many lessons in the 2000 year cycle of the piscinian age, now do we have courage to rewrite the stories and regain control and power over our souls?


vocal chords healthy check 1 2

went to a specialist today and my vocal chords, etc. are healthy.   i shut down there sometime in late may and havent been able to muster up the flow without fear of further damage until today.

super happy as i have lots to sing now that has been in waiting.  just wrote my first new self song called one.

much love coming thru now universally as our hearts are opening and staying that way.  hope you are feeling it too.

eclipse season=moon as guide

right in the middle of eclipse season and the energies are intense.  there is a change in frequency, upgrading to a more soul level vibration that is creating waves to existing structures in thought and patterns thru the past.

i have experienced awakening to aspects of myself over the years, through a more multidimensional view as well as have seen structures of my mind breakdown and recreate.  never before, however have i felt such a vast arrangement or rather rearrangement in my thinking, feeling, etc. at the body level and here’s a hope we all can sustain these big shifts to become more of who we really are, rather than the beliefs thru patriarchial rule.

the goddess is the piece that insists on evolution and creates from that place of emptiness, if i just sit and wait for it to rise.  it informs.  kundalini shakti makes her way, sweeping the inner being of painful memories so that these storehouses of energy can be used for future focus, harmonious action.

the moon is my guide.  it communicates to me to stay present and draw on the intuition.  it allows me to experience the world through its magnetizing energies and water=filled emotions there to express.  there is grief involved right now.  of a time, less sublime.  one that was concrete enough to hold me in place and feel somewhat safe that i was in control.  those days are dissolving and i look forward to the future where the planet and its inhabitants grow in more awareness of the power of these celestial bodies doing their thing.img_1134