how bout breaking on thru to the other side?

venus is coming out of her shadow and you knows what that means eh? full unadulterated fun can begin…pluto is power and pluto is change and pluto is asking us to change and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so let go to the gods and goddesses rather than the demons of long ago and rest upon the mother of the natural world who, in the last analysis has just about created her harmonizing match thru the inner polarities within…can you do it? start with alternate nostril breathing…om forever and ever and even longer than that! sat chit ananda…om bhur bhuva svaha, tat savitur varenyam, bhargo devasya dhimahi diyoyona pracodyatIMG_5487

art as medicine — art is medicine

staring deep or coming up with your own piece of creation…when we look deep, we see that which is everywhere according to the schemes and dreams of color and form. archetypes dancing in rhythm that is essentially all part of creation…the music of the spheres…the world is alive with the sound of musickate.sept14 (24 of 50)

the goddess insurgence

i stand at a precipice in my own evolution as the macro goes closer to home-internal masculine and feminine balance within. i am tuning into forward motions of profundity in art and culture. raising the bar like any good taurean with a sagg moon and a pisces rising. time to do this lightship launch/land in the material realmIMG_5388

art for earth

my worldview has expanded considerably since being in berlin.  no shortage of life force energy and vibrancy, creativity and power.  with that comes the inevitable other side of poverty and insanity, ungrounded dreams and transient vibrations…holding the poles…the idea of art for earth came thru and it is a magical  forward movement in the most humanitarian sense…omIMG_5034