getting comfortable with movement

i know sagittarius well and know that i need to move all the time. i have spent the greater part of three months at home in my hood and still i find ways to explore and i have found the greatest gift…the birds, the squirrels and the rabbits, along with the trees, the designs of churches on many corners (lots in osborne village where i live) the greatest thing i found was the silence in the early morns where me and my camera would gaze in awe at venus and mars with the moon and then there is the sun. it is simple for me to relate with my creative this way. it is a safe expression to communicate with the benevolent universe that knows no judgement except splendor and power. so the move-i moved A LOT in my 30;s…moved and inhabited 16 places one year (granted it was part travel but 16) i squirmed at every emotional low and found glory in hitting the road if not from running from me. so today, after sitting with my feelings and letting them rise, i found a different, visceral, palpable movement within…ascension went from my heart to my heart. PAIN and suffering for humanity and our current plights are like any other day in the universes grand play. it exists all the time at many all levels, this is the grand master of movement and therefore change. i awoke this morn p.o.’d cause it was 5am and i was not into waiting til 8 when my coffee shop/office opened. i saw my resistance like an old shirt. it was old. why was i letting time get the best of me. i sat and meditated and cried more tears. about realizing my old power games dont work, the path i have chosen is so far on its way, there is no turniॐng back, etc. super powerful transition and didnt i just put on leonard cohen and remember what this is really about…restoration of gender equality and the powerful, musical, loving way the muse dances at the highest vibrations—that is why the angels dance and sing when we surrender to the deepest love there is, for another and in turn the loss of ourselves in some ways. a die off for sure as the independent state that allowed me movement in my predominantly solo years now turned to something more bound by the electric and magnetic in balance. so within, there is throughout. a reminder this is about your own mas. fem. balance within first. sit in the flow of these powerful energies and be sure to sing them out. music heals. music heals. music heals….i left the house and picked up a couple from up north who were incredibly grateful i gave them a ride and lifted their load on this crisp sunny 1st day of dec….dude said i was an angel in dusguise…i said, well not really in disguise anymore as i had more love popping outta my heart than i have ever felt. these people are my people. when i dropped them off (a few houses down from where i used to live when i was 25…there were more synchronicities/messages of course)i drove on. slightly aggravated that i may have taken the wrong driving route, i heard on the radio that there was an angel drive going on at a local school…within 2 minutes there were angels everywhere…dressed in white with halos…we prepare for the angels by staying fluid, open, loving and honoring the great creator that brought these people into my life this morning that would forever change the course of time. this was profound confirmation that angels exist, we are not separate from them and when we relax into our resistance, we bump up an octave or two…like a musical scale…sing the songs of freedom. like bobby boy…the man marley…IMG_7416





the power of music

i got into psy trance hard, sometime over the last year and it has restored me to sanity. first it had to bring me to the brink. btw…restoring to sanity is in a moment…gotta keep the restoration maintenized like a fine styly old corvette…yellow, canary yellow, convertible, 75 stingray…so anyways…back to psy…this song itself came to me like a past life adventure that continually deepened and awakened more and more memories as i fell into the fairytale of past present future and the energy of transcendence and spies, fast getaways and open lockets, vast distant cities and secret portals that were revealing themselves right here on earth. especially at birds hill park, where i roam and grounded the goddess in 2012. then at the farm, between the apples in the orchard and the magic witches castle that i allowed to become real, they in turn gave me more knowledge of the secret codes to crack…within. i would mandate that i would get somewhere before the song ended…using the structure of the time to define my moves. download it on your ipod and give it a try…these guys (1200 micrograms) know whats up. thanks guys!! and thank you for everyone that jumped on board here. i cannot reply to messages as i downloaded an anti spam and now i am caught in a past mercury retrograde around the thing. remember we are all one, we are all manifestations of eachother and we are spinning thru time. humanity has just healed a huge chunk of the goddess debasement and now we can all breathe a little easier knowing we are all at least on the same trac k. this is but a beginning. we all had to connect in energetically, telepathically, consciously…enough of us had to have the energy sufficient to hold the collective poles and now that the entrainment is complete, we begin very systematically to move forward in our own personal evolutionary ascension path, but also of the Mother Earth as she too, is breathing a sigh of relief. take your time knowing that the money systems are dissolving, the material concretized world we know is imploding in on itself, like we do before we rise. it is all energy. good bad or indifferent…we can use all the smoke and mirrors in a brand new way. start by winking at yourself and smiling, with a pat on your back in the mirror…the mystical knows no difference…we are all fading to black and at once illuminating the very thing that is the creator of the world and form…kundalini shakti herself…hafiz is ‘right’ here with us…om love

suffering from our hiding

we have just about done the business of hiding our ultimate potential..but the graceful benevolent universe has another plan. to break us out of our light in just the nickname of time…which btw saturn is and saturn wants you to grow up in the light that you are which means the big bad sword of discernment comes along to cut away that ego trap of what will they think? its not that important anyway, i will do it later, i see no way out…if we collect together, poof, separation collapses and when we get desperate enough we will call out for sweet justice, mercy and surrender…rise up now and watch the karma burn like a dance of union between your own selves…om…justice at the higher octave does not have judgement…the love is the law. i hope you can be inspired rather than overwhelmed. i stand for and with consciousness and shakti likes to use me as a vehicle. it is as much you as it is me so lets create together as kosmick8’s journey thru the 5th dimension and beyond promises nothing but growth. back to skool and making it cool…as it is and always was, just gotta make the learning creative and imaginative. pen in hand and paper blank we will see the ship just sank…and that is where the treasure is, just as the wiz is the fizz to transmute and infuseIMG_7408

poetry – the song of my soul

nothing better than a full moon in gemini…as i landed in my words of ecstasy….enjoy…these are poems i did when i went thru various poetic times on FB…what an avenue when we explore the language before the language…before the thought comes…where is that place of infinite darkness…tap in…that is what TM is in so many respects. what is that mantra of yours and where is it before it becomes a thought? then how do you express?? gotta keep on putting these things to the ultimate test…om (btw) rhyming is the fastest track to the 5th dimension and beyond…laughing too…you can do it without there even being anything funny. go for it!!

archetypal wheels, put out your feelers, wheelers and dealers come into the fore, knock on your door, ask for more and try and score…sore? well that would be a bore…no more…victim and martyr will only try harder…but then you are much smarter, spice and tartar…and selling it short no longer holds court and sabotaging has no place in the ring and the wounded child gets carefully filed in things of the past you are free from at last…ॐ

inside the minds eye is a system to try to tap into that which will never defy but hone in the course of cracking the morse and other less obvious truths…and beginning each day, with a subtle foray into sights unseen within each dream…hard wired to know, intention will grow and that which will flow to awaken…stillness of body and cessation of breath will reveal the course towards egos death and what is left is a personal test to enjoy the rest in Self…ॐ

optimize your flow, this you’ll come to know, is the greatest way to serve, as the ball begins to curve, and loving what is, when things begin to fizz, and drawing back your bow, even during the low, in your Self you sit, friends with the caveat, you cant possibly impeach, that which is in reach…your Self your Self your Self…ॐ

once were warriors

i am overwhelmingly happy to see so many registered users on this site and messages that i look forward to connecting upon. i am still in the spam reconfiguration process and this is a stage. i love to communicate so if i have not thanked you personally for sharing this is a collective thanks. so here we are and i wanna share something very necessary in this time…when i had my kundalini eruption that knocked me flat (it stirred for years) i moved to the mountains in late 2007…i had lived here already, briefly…golden, bc…in the middle of 6 big ranges and where the columbia river meets the kickinghorse. i lived there 2000-2001…my songs were full of life and love and possibility…but my saturn return was beckoning and so was having to face the harsh truths and go back to the peg to get sober. so i moved back and fast forward to 2008 whence deep process of the kundalini fire had to have its time in the sun…and moon. dark days of unexplainable fears and panic/anxiety about losing my self…over and over. what saved me was drawing the goddess…and movies such as once were warriors. i used to go to the local movie store and rent every foreign flick i could. my worldview expanded and long walks along the kickinghorse river helped tremendously. so did going out to my far out friend steve’s gypsy cabin. i would sing pet shop boys at the top of my lungs on the front deck with just the birds to hear. powerfully restorative times of the valley darkness. so here we are and the beds are burning. balance the water, fire and oil now…good flax, olive, coconut…the kundalini fire loves it and needs it. keep your fire going in these neptunian times and channel it!!!!!!! pen and paper is probably the most healing and safe…lest you find yourself in bed with a stranger. btw…apparently a soul gets lodged in a man for about 1-3 months after sex and for women it takes up to a year as we got oxytocin (as opposed to oxycotin) running thru our bodies. forgive and transmute the shame of a collective harming system that when looked it within the context of neptune, can be very compassionate…to self first…you have worked hard as a human to get here…pat yourself on the back and practice an attitude of gratitude…loIMG_6102ve and more om light that i thought possible on this fair day of now.

surreal and sublime look to the nine

i have yet to explore what the council of 9 are here to channel to me. i get faint wiffs of them as 9 is a pretty up and coming number these days. so the mystery remains, partly cause i know i have heard pos. and neg. things abuut the council and my heart is saying, whatever truths they got, were perhaps because some did not want to hear. to prepare to see them beyond duality…whether they in fact or fiction are…fact…in these days of emerging identities of our multidimensional selves, there are shifts in beliefs. think of it like they are up for the chopping block. time for a reconstruction of the soul by recreating in the now moment, with a beginners mind. i know nothing when it comes to the power of the ocean, i am open for the next show, etc. etc. then the angels descend and you realize you do know a lot, and that is how to tune in and pray for guidance, strength and wisdom to know the difference. drawing back our bow in these foggy times can and is the challenge. can you steady the bow despite not being able to see. i like to think of the biathalon biathelete who has their heart rate screaming to the limit after a hard core x-country ski race, and then must pick up a bow and arrow lets say cause i dont include guns in my stories if at all possible. besides, it takes skill to shoot the target and so here we go. steady gaze, steady fire…which is not possible…so again, back to the beginners mIMG_7066ind.

individuation to humanitarian…

humanitarian is ultimately an aquarian value. it is innate. looking forward and detaching from societies glitches while getting deeply frustrated by them and tripping off in our minds about how to make the world a better place. so when we go thru the lengthy and painful journey of individuation (bringing various aspects together, on board, to see, to understand…akin to self-study in yoga.) we have to separate…we must transcend the co-dependent states of consciousness and power plays and stay true to our own values, cultivated by a zest and growing need for our own mastery over/under/within our own being.
so we know ourselves now as a collective after 2000 years in pisces but now we are forced and equipped i might add, with the certain future of oneness in this very infant stage of the age of aquarius…but we are doing it!!! the challenge is to stay present, stay calm and centered within your own being, see the world as playing out and neutralizing our emotional charge and then wisely taking action. it is thru your own body and energy that you can enact this individual change and then extend out…de-personalization is a stage and not one that is very fun if we dont maintain a sense of humor and find creative ways to express the insanity of our darkness and humanities darkness…we are the blood and bones of our ancestors and the starseeds in this current asscension timeline have laid the foundation, cleared the path, so you/we could hold our hands and we can all walk together…man that sounds good…lets do it!!! om

when you were young

lodged deep within the energy body lies a storehouse of radically amazing feelings and sites and sounds from younger years. gnarly not so good ones as well…let them surface and play along…let them know that you belong…let them sing that very song that had your heart beat for so long – ky58 was the a.m. station i listened to and it would make me crazy good to hear the weekly top ten…and then casey kasem…what a guy…lots to explore in the sky, lots of questions to ask why, lots of things left to try, lots of love so you can sigh…om

the cosmic soup of creativity

there are vast oceans of potential hitting the air and land waves…it is up to us to ride the magic school bus thru our imagination and expression or be privy to the downtrodden world of nastiness…there are shiploads of toxic emotioIMG_6933ns running thru the collective. remember we are channeling for the collective as well so let it push on thru and out…dont think you are done…until we are all done…no one is done so to speak. this is true evolutionary ascension on our hands. many tools of and to the trade. harness and empower and dont forget to inspire your fellow man to better love and wisdom…om…now dont look exclusively to our current leadership roles…find them within yourself and take the heat off those that are standing in positions that were very brave at this time to get a hold of…now my city and country was mismanaged for too long and we are suffering, absolutely but opening borders can only enrich the existing changes…have it in your heart to see yourself as the leader of your band…exclusively here to emit powerful loving energy with each breath…hey why not? om sufi style—-spinit