working thru the deeper recesses of subconscious controls

my ego self did not like this video because as i was trying to find the chord progression, i was off key for the first three verses…hehe…this is deeply humbling to me. i have a perfectionist streak that i have to let loose already…as there is nothing like the mantra…whatever way its sung… it is to bring me back to the truth…its not about me…its about the greater good. peace on earth and love for the humanitarian vision/mission and actualization of spreading good vibes…this is serius transmutation time. lots of deep stuff emerging. the more we can stay close to the ancestors, the creative expression and the elemental, the better as this helps give birth to a new set of vibrations that were and are always there…we just dont consistently experience them so we forget. be the elephant that does not forget and relaxes in the zne where nobody wants to talk about it as it is rather large. that is your spirit. open the hands and feet and let the light out. let the thoughts out the top of your head and communicate with that which wont judge. this is co=dependent departure exit…if we choose. we have to choose to look back to ourselves for the answers and learn from the mirrors.

fractal art==my newest passion




IMG_9047i am exceptionally thrilled to have broken thru to a new creative modality. taking pictures within my pictures that seem to contain a story within themselves it occurred to me to call it fractal art and it gets right underneath the concept of multi-dimensionality. i can find many scenes within a bigger picture so to speak. i can capture unique color schemes and see the art up close and personal rather than getting lost in the whole. this is good news for the goddess. i take a piece of art and take pic within the pics. i have loaded some up on facebook on my kosmick8 artist facebook page if you would like to check it out. hopefully you can become inspired to look a bit deeper into your creations and vibe-out at the idea of infinite possibilities…om.

let there be light=and color

IMG_7826transformation and the whole death and rebirth cycle is well, lets just say palpably felt when you follow this divine feminine path. not tread in the mainstream so much, it is as tho walking without a flashlight in the dark. what ends up happening is you tune into other senses and most importantly your intuition. of all the ups and downs and contractions and expansions i have consciously taken myself thru===this last year and series of months has really revealed the need for me to bring to light that which is dark. i channel and so i get a taste of what is going on behind the curtain often and when i can refine my goddess energy from a dark lost sad state to one where i want to turn her smile upside up…this is good news. sometimes it takes minutes, seconds or days but the universe always offers a way to support a higher level of awareness of self, beyond duality. i have faced really dark aspects of myself that i would prefer not to be revealed but i have learned thru channeling that i can be fearless in the archetype and present in a way that is neutral if i dont take so personally. one thing i do know is that i have limits and security issues born from experience and i dont need to mess with knowing myself anymore. so i am challenging the status quo but offering the good news about the dark. we can color that darkness and change the view/reality/present experience, etc. enjoy her in her lighter states.

the dark feminine

emerging thru the depths of the subconscious lie streams of beauty that we fear. beauty that we cannot control. beauty that is so rich in potential like dinosaur gasoline. fathom a taste and you will never be the same. such is the truth when you put something deep down low and do not let her breathe or see the light of day. that is what society has done and now she cannot be stopped. try and it will only cause you pain. she is buried deep within each and every psyche…some more than others, and for some, such a reality as to express fully. om namah shivaya…more to come IMG_4721

prepping for the angels-the archetypes and the great learning curve

i realize that my times in nature give me enough satiation and rapture to face the world and all its complexities again and again. it is my captivation of the sun and moon that whistles my tune and so when i find myself in the 3d insanity…i contract like a dog beaten to submission at times. this is not necessary…i continually have to work on loosening my grip on the way things should be and develop true compassion and tolerance to my fellow man…to the profoundly changing times we are in. it is very subtle work this ascension process. we need continual flushing by mother gaia in order to progress and move forward in our evolution. the simplicity of nature and the profundity of how over the top communicative it becomes, ensures we are not alone. we can constantly draw on her strength in the soil, in the birds and in the trees. i used to have such huge resentments against the system…like really dark feelings…aka dark moon lilith…and kali—they have softened and i try to concentrate my efforts more on saraswati instead—the deity of wisdom, education and music…she may be perfect but i fall short…how do i emulate her? i just keep trying to align with her wisdom and values, gifts and position of power…the archetypes strip your ego as they ask you to stand stronger, more aligned and with purposeful vision…
i hope we can all connect and meditate together for world peace soon. i know the strength of union between light working souls will only strengthen so altho you may not be with exactly who you want or where you want right now..ensure that evolution is doing its job and you will get there. just have to clear away the debris of conditioning and patriarchial wounding. it was systematic and the united nations creation 70 years ago is expiring and turning to a new world order. one that is steeped in values of multidimensionality, love, sharing, and all things goddess. i encourage you to explore my videos on youtube and throughout this site. i tell a lot of stories and offer lots of info…i get off track, trip up on my own facts and make mistakes. it is all a part of learning. perfection in imperfection. i let it all hang out. it flushes my soul to burn brighter truth be told. the more i express and just do it cause thats my job. not my personality that resists for fear of being exposed…
i subbed for 18 plus years in the public schools. sometimes i would be subbing grade 12 physics (which once it gets into the higher domains i am completely lost) and i would have to just say…i dont know…but i am here and if you wanna talk energy we can. i was continually throwing myself in positions where i had to learn on the spot. i had to be wrong and had to be strict at the same time and flex my authority or all hell would break loose…like i had it all figured out?? maybe for a moment til another kid, with his or her own free will would challenge my authority.. for example…there would be a case with grade 3’s, i would have to put a logic problem on the board that i couldnt get…answer key not to be found…sometimes lesson plans not to be found…had to ride the waves of uncertainty…kids would say, but you are the teacher? ok kid, i just have logic problem blocks but hey, wanna draw a picture of the math problem instead…or teach me how…or is there ore than one way to find the answer?? there were also times where i had to see the content of the work was far from what i believed we should be teaching. but i had to find the balance. find the balance between being responsible for myself and my actions and also include a whole lotta other souls in the class/school/district/town/city/country/world/solar system/galaxy/universe/multiverse…..with MANY possibilities and not just my way or the highway. i had to learn diplomacy and fairness and call kids on their stuff…which gave me experiences of deep resistance from the outside but more insanely when i went home at the end of the day. i would ruminate on how to better handle situations and obsess on how to get over my resentment to a system sorely in need of an overhaul…especially to a population increasingly finding it difficult to communicate, admit they are wrong or be open and willing to learn…
i even tried my best to knock on those doors of the institutions over and over and present my way of seeing education. they closed because they were not ready…i had to learn patience…and that when the world was ready, i would be able to knock them dead with a series of systems that i know work, thru direct experience and self-study. i am deeply devoted to humanity…so when i get really tired and worn down thinking why wont they heed my calls? why dont they honor me? etc. i remember it is not just about this.
it is also about seeing what is in front of you…the basic goodness of man as one of my favorite crazy wisdom teachers, chogyam trungpa liked to say… i have attached a link at the end of this post if you wanna read more about him…he was far from perfect but found a complete acceptance in himself thru spiritual disciplines…if totally crazy in his ways of presenting at times. perceptions blown open…
within all that did not work in the institutions, there was plenty that did…getting touched by a smile from a student who felt accomplishment…from the joy that came with sharing and playing games as a class…with kids being given an opportunity and choice to create and let it all hang out, and with dancing my ass off with grade 1’s in a big old gym to techno. this helped me to believe in the infinite joy/creative ability of our nature because it was shown to me over and over. so with this, i just wanna say, learning is a curve that rises according to how far down the rabbit hole you wanna go. it never ends and i implore you to revert back inward and get that communication stream going before always looking outside. now and again, people will reflect us so completely that we get a true picture. we can see our light because someone else does…this is how i want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. to get back to the basics of what we really are as pure, loving soul vibration beings, creating a new paradigm of everlasting wisdom, power and unity. om namah shivaya. thank you to my guides. you know who you are and i am so lucky to have found this path…



seed people unite

CIMG2430guten morgen…i learned that on a quick trip to berlin this august. it took me three weeks til i figured it out and then i just cant get enough of it now. i think it is the funnest language to say good morning to. ok so we are the seed people coming soon to a dimension near ourselves, thru ourselves and you catch my drift. if you are drifting, stabilize thru your center channel. long exhales, alternate nostril breath, time in nature, yoga slow and easy…or whip it up with ujjai breath and lion pose…we are moving very quickly and have transcended very rapidly. you will have memories unfold like wild fire thre the next week. you are clearing your field and the field of the collective. pray and tap into ancestor wisdom and all kingdoms of earth and sky…be sure to remember what this fire feels like, lest you lose your inner fire down the line when things get dark and cold. inner fire of transformation and also the way to play in the fifth. moving forward, maintenizing your chi machine restoration, flexation, pulsation…get those 72,000 nadi channels pumping…but watch them unfold rather than run for the big gun. i did not heed the warnings and i got electrocuted by kundalini shakti so remember the voltage ratio…lots of pure water…over and farther in…kosmick8 from the kosmick dimension of now

trying our best…remembering our creative…opening to others

on my walk this morning i found myself tied up in knots. wondering where all this energy is taking me and how my actions in the past have gotten me to where i am now. my path, like every human on the planet at this time i am pretty sure, has been exciting, difficult and at times super messy. i channeled some not so easy kali ma energy the other day and eventually it turned from wrath to more mother energy. this power to force/enact/propose change (we need to change) is both a blessing and a curse as i have thought of some designs and want to be sure i am seeing straight. well if i didnt just get the guidance i needed when i needed it. it is about letting go of the past wounds of rejection, rejecting, jealous rage, insecure complexities/self-esteem, projecting hurt, manipulation…i have seen myself on both sides of everything, fully…at least as much as to know i have to take responsibility for my actions and emotions…deeply forgiving something i did even two days ago. the constant battle within my own mind of expansion contraction has led me to open and close more doors than necessary i think, altho more will be revealed. we are in deeply karmic times and on some level everything is just perfect, beginners mind reminder…om…but when i take that point to my current life, there is more in store and more i want and need. it is happening and saturn gives me the patience to know i can turn things around on a dime…just gotta strengthen my chi machine and see from a higher dimension..(not feel sorry for myself…boo hoo…poor me) ….it is extremely wise to stay open to all possibilities and then hone in on the very important things and get off the fence…which i am doing and it feels good, what i know best is that i am best when i am creating.
so i dispelled the confusion and after my walk, i did some good shake up yoga and started to create again. i get answers to my own unique soul when i dive deep into the magic of following the goddess kosmick8. i follow her just like you are doing at this moment. she reveals things from the past present and future that are pretty fun and magical. there is a catch to this plunge however and here it is…
IMG_4579 today i yearn and pray to be more open, compassionate,forgiving, honoring, accepting and foregoing the past…and to truly listen to others as we are all equal…om mani padme hum…feel free to comment and share…love from the kosmos and my heart

peace in the time of war

it is now time, more than any other time, (cause with beginners mind, we are here now and present and ready to begin again) for the individual to find peace within themselves so we can extend that love energy outwards and create real change. we are dealing with forces greater than ourselves now on the world front and clashes are inevitabely part of the picture for some time. this is what change is. plutonian power to enact the proper checks and balances in order for us to learn the greater lessons in this timeline. changemaking=== in honor and gratitude for this path that bob marley never once left my side in. om namah shivaya. your yoga and meditation practise is the key now as is time in nature. stave off the craving to dip into the matrix and 3d and shake your booty in front of the mirror instead. 5d is a breath away. drawing, journalling and asking yourself questions that may never have come up before will reveal more about your soul code and job here. what we need is love….that may be experienced first in yourself, for yourself. true compassion for coming this far. only looking/going forward to travel thru time and mind and awaken to our super sensory selves…sensationalism is one thing…internal sensationalism is another. honesty is always the best policy as we cant run from the truth… om…