finding ways to spread my visions and dreams


i have been on facebook for many years. what started out as sharing personal stuff and goddess drawings has now become a platform for my work and carrying out my mission to spread goddess consciousness. having a specific artist page on facebook has allowed me effective strategies to create content that is easy to work with and easy to find. more importantly, i believe it spreads the love out to the world thru the technological advancements and the many ways i can express using this platform. please feel free to share my work and like or subscribe to my pages. i really could use support and feedback as sometimes my vision lacks the practical work that as an artist i trip over. you can donate in the link above.
i also love to use twitter to communicate. hashtags allow me to express more succinctly and i enjoy the community i have found through this medium of sharing. please check out my facebook artist page and my twitter feed and feel free to contact me for collaborations or if you have any questions. i have passion and desire to help and also to express the goddess in her myriad of forms. there is an abundance of information on this site as well on the ascension process, kundalini energy the goddess and the astrological cycles, creativity and consciousness, yoga and expression.

thanks for being with me here.
kate kosmick8

new moon in taurus====fertile for peace

oh peace on earth my dream of dreams. its getting done one thought at a time. hold the vision. burn with fission. i invite you to see my mission. i have many things brewing in pots of creativity as i move forward with my body of work. i invite anyone anywhere to contact me if they want to talk shop, especially sponsors and investors. there are many ways to become involved. kosmick8 artist on facebook. you can message me there. enjoy my site!

split in two

i have been experimenting with various video modalities and realize that i have entered into another time and space in my creativity. the movement with music has allowed me to experiment with the sentience of the artistry. taking the feeling up a notch and seeing the capacity for the goddess to move thru others, with an objective to help heal. because my camera needed to turn in order to get the full picture vertically, i realized after viewing that this has created the image of her on the horizontal. the energy of what i remembered from magic shows, when the woman got in the box and spun around. and was split in two. so as i was meditating this morning i could feel myself splitting. right down the middle and what was inside was various complex parts of myself previously unnseen. for instance i saw a tree that had/has life. there was actual life giving going on…inside…imagery not bound to anything but what was revealing itself thru my third eye. as tho the birds were in me and the green was growing, ever slowly but viscerally. the youtubes i created over the last couple of days were of goddesses i created back in 2008-2010. taken from when i used to do the goddesses in chalk pastel. i lived in golden bc then moved to vancouver and lived right near kits beach. i would teach yoga and do bodywork as a home business and ride around vancouver…stanleypark my fave…this was a very delicate time for my emergence (my kundalini went crazy the year before). i felt very free to explore the flora and fauna and i think these goddesses capture that vibe. centered and clear, very oceanic. i would draw back to ink shortly thereafter and in a lot of ways forget this time and these gals. i am glad that time is neither linear nor bound by space. space out to the goddess…vibe out with the color and enjoy sinking into the split. omk8

universes plan

so today i felt like dancing and was in the bathroom at the coffee shop i go to and i was kicking up my left foot, towards the outside and bringing my arms down…aerobic style. well i managed to kick my left IMG_8766thumb, make a pretty complicated zone of my nail, get a bruise and slight cut where the nail meets the skin…you know those really annoying bright red gaps you get in nails. so rather than get all pouty, after i fell down a black hole as i was displaced into the hell for a time…i worked on my attitude adjustment…no more dancing. i am a lefty so is my dominant hand, i thrive on not being in pain, yet it seems every now and again, the universe stops and says…slow down. i forget and drive my body til it stops me. i have sinced danced again today but slightly more mindfully…
the greater lesson…i looked up on-line and saw that the thumb is the symbol for salvation…so i kicked up my own salvation. so cool. we have been tending to the wound…me and all my alternate realities that cant believe the symbolism is so rad, to the part that is just knowing this is a total drag and will be with me for a few days at least, and the part that keeps wanting to take pictures. it really isnt much at all at the end of the day. i can type and draw and do all the things. my greatest hope in the world is for people with spinal chord injuries to walk. seeing as tho i am onto miracles, thought best to throw that one in. peace from the kosmos

following intuition/creative process

so i have been on to something for awhile and that is that the more we consciously create, the more there is to find creating again. (like when you pick the berries, more can grow) like an object that is put in motion and stays in motion unless resisted by an outside force. well, that force is our own inner critic i reckon. or that faculty of the matrix design that has self-doubt as its central mandate i am pretty sure. so what do we do to overcome the critic, either externally or internally. i say unabashedly find that question in the deep recesses…pull it up, question its validity and then come to the realization that you are in the process of mastering your own creative design. now the intuitive piece involves just going with what you feel. if you feel the momentum, best not to doubt too long or put off til later. always good to have creative supplies on hand and ready for that great inspiration that will lay barren if not propelled in its awesome original inception of the flow of the soul of now. stop drop and draw. journaling works best for me to keep the flow. it has been uncanny throughout my journey to see where i go off the rails and stifle my creative due to not sticking with the day to day discipline. the resistance feels like something bigger yet it does me no favors. well take that there thing, whatever is blocking you and have a chat with that as well. ask what it is there for and i guarantee you will hear something of a fear of not being good enough, scared people will see it…confused about how to market and commodify it, etc. so the devil to me is that resistance from our basic lifeforce, creative impulse and we gotta take it down…you can be nice to it and tell it to just leave the building and i guarantee, without having an all out war with the tamastic nature (heavy, cant get off the couch vibes), you can overcome. now the real fruit is in the process and the final result can be a trip. if you take a step further and share it, you get the loop fulfilled. everything is perfect in the music of the spheres. #1. discipline yourself to get the chi machine pumping (3 pages in the morning everyday is your fast track)
#2 do it, whatever it is…draw, chant, write a poem, confer with the birds…whatevs…but consciously realize that you set out to express your soul…and it will be heard and seen and valued.
#3 share with others…and try not to wither and die after as this is the most vulnerable stage and the level where we break on thru to the other side.
#repeat each day for best results…repeat each day all day for even better results…it will take you where you always wanted to go, attract the energy of your soul, align with your purpose and vaIMG_2153lues and transport you into other dimensions…om…thats the goal anyway and a little goal setting mixed with a gratitude list daily can make it plump with richness just like that!! sat chit ananda

goddess consciousness=the emergence of the divine feminine

anything you can do to learn more about this shift in the ages, the better understanding you will have about yourself and why the world is going thru what it is going thru now. a 2000 year and 6500 year patriarchial cycle are both closing and we are ushering in a rebalance, a new age so to speak and the very beginnings of a stir in this age of aquarius… and so much of this information has been hidden. lost arts such as astrology and the qualities of the divine feminine thru story and myth are important to continue to embody a more whole picture. an open mind and an awareness that you can expand beyond and beyond again with this knowledge is exciting…learning of the cycles in the galaxy and universe. my passions are teaching, healing and the creative arts, specifically right=brain activating modalities like yoga, dance, art and music. my goal is to motivate and inspire creativity and goddess consciousness…thank-you, kate milne/kosmick8…enjoy my site.

the valleys of dissolving of self

there is a lot going on in the universe and profound, massive global shifts.  these feel like they are almost happening faster than the speed of time.  the sun and neptune are facing eachother today and it is a big time of sensitivities and awareness.  uranus and mercury are also conveying messages of shock and awe and helping us see the benevolence of such mysteries of spirit.  this mutable energy causes disruptions in thinking patterns and gives you views of life from multiple perspectives.  past, present and future seem to glide along with the challenge of discerning what is real, what is illusion and what is self…maybe even glimpses of what is Self.  dissolving structures is the power of water and pisces energy is there to make way for a more empowered sense of Self and union within.  with the eclipses approaching this march, we are in a major healing vortex.  allowing for greater states of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and emancipation.  a valley can be exciting and fun with different shades and colors at every turn.  inevitablIMG_2345y, there is also the dark and the unconscious parts of self that we come to face.  more hyper aware through our dreams and in waking states, it is always a great idea to calm the mind and meditate.  this will give us the opportunity to transmute feelings of less than, better than and hopefully, converge somewhere in the now and experiencing the equal.  this is the challenge of the soul while here in earth school.  when this much awareness comes in, we are awakened to parts of ourselves that may have been asleep, put away, or just plain and simply too hard to face.  we are given time and space from the universe to grasp once again the power of the imagination and creative potential, love for our fellow man and inventive solutions towards more unity in diversity.  submergence is a stage and we will emerge once again more refreshed, pure and clean…as is the way of spirit to give us opportunities to grow, integrate and feel.  thru the anvil of experience we come closer to fulfilling our potential, tapping into our unique gifts, talents and soul code.  idealism can be disillusioning==hence is the challenge of the dream to reality…om namah shivaya om

yoga dance art music

the combination and focus on these systems is what works to activate your right brain.  i have worked with these four in a harmonic convergence with myself, others and in the classroom.  it all works to help us get in tune with more of our essential nature, more intuitive to begin with.  being able to sense what is happening to yourself as you journey in life, a focus on these systems will certainly keep you moving, grooving, staying still, stretching, and expressing… preparing for the upcoming massive global shifts within myself has created this platform so i  can mobilize my gifts and skills, knowledge and expertise.  to become really, truly effective in carrying out the humanitarian mission of more equality, love and peace on the planet i need these practises and see them work so well in others.11960176_937861109569646_1067070017024401538_n om mani padme hum


working thru the deeper recesses of subconscious controls

my ego self did not like this video because as i was trying to find the chord progression, i was off key for the first three verses…hehe…this is deeply humbling to me. i have a perfectionist streak that i have to let loose already…as there is nothing like the mantra…whatever way its sung… it is to bring me back to the truth…its not about me…its about the greater good. peace on earth and love for the humanitarian vision/mission and actualization of spreading good vibes…this is serius transmutation time. lots of deep stuff emerging. the more we can stay close to the ancestors, the creative expression and the elemental, the better as this helps give birth to a new set of vibrations that were and are always there…we just dont consistently experience them so we forget. be the elephant that does not forget and relaxes in the zne where nobody wants to talk about it as it is rather large. that is your spirit. open the hands and feet and let the light out. let the thoughts out the top of your head and communicate with that which wont judge. this is co=dependent departure exit…if we choose. we have to choose to look back to ourselves for the answers and learn from the mirrors.