individuation to humanitarian…

humanitarian is ultimately an aquarian value. it is innate. looking forward and detaching from societies glitches while getting deeply frustrated by them and tripping off in our minds about how to make the world a better place. so when we go thru the lengthy and painful journey of individuation (bringing various aspects together, on board, to see, to understand…akin to self-study in yoga.) we have to separate…we must transcend the co-dependent states of consciousness and power plays and stay true to our own values, cultivated by a zest and growing need for our own mastery over/under/within our own being.
so we know ourselves now as a collective after 2000 years in pisces but now we are forced and equipped i might add, with the certain future of oneness in this very infant stage of the age of aquarius…but we are doing it!!! the challenge is to stay present, stay calm and centered within your own being, see the world as playing out and neutralizing our emotional charge and then wisely taking action. it is thru your own body and energy that you can enact this individual change and then extend out…de-personalization is a stage and not one that is very fun if we dont maintain a sense of humor and find creative ways to express the insanity of our darkness and humanities darkness…we are the blood and bones of our ancestors and the starseeds in this current asscension timeline have laid the foundation, cleared the path, so you/we could hold our hands and we can all walk together…man that sounds good…lets do it!!! om

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