two ways things change

there are two ways things change, in a society and individually.  we either hold out as long as we can with the untruths and suppress our need to express, and when the levee finally breaks, exposure tells the tales and changes are inevitable.

the other way is to forsee or understand the issue before it breaks and gets ugly and look not only for solutions, but enact them.

careful thoughts of cultural ways, what is its history, what are its ideals and values as well as what is its passions and drives can result in effective planning that is simple and can create healing of any imbalances.

i was recently made aware of a great thinker poet and philsopher politician named cicero.  he affirms, learn about the self early on=

we are coming into a time on earth and the universe, where the scales are being tipped for us in a profoundly powerful way.  we have learned many lessons in the 2000 year cycle of the piscinian age, now do we have courage to rewrite the stories and regain control and power over our souls?


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