project beauty earth=web of life

i do the majority of work on my ideas on twitter.  here is a collection of a number of things i have thought about and wanted to share.  i have copy and pasted the tweets as a sort of free flow energy.  you can click on any of the hashtags and it will bring you to the topic on twitter.  seeing as though most of the tweets are related to creativity, beauty and earth=i thought an apt title would be project beauty earth=web of life.  enjoy.

nature as teacher nature as source wild sacred reminders plans are at the depths variations are a given unique, each its own the web


as teacher nature as source fr. the well, the roots fr. the pollen, the seeds creative waters=all in cycles birthing feeding

deconstructing meaning
evaluating belief structures
studies in value systems expressions & revelations
light of fragile planet gaia
restoration systems earth
belief system
web of life energy lifeforce


prayers for the

messages from the

web of life

#rivers river wild

ecstatic nature expansion nature spirits absorption prana field immersions contractions to give birth awareness of the field divine design

zen and the art of mystical maintenance information prana


art from the heart messages from the soul and

art from the heart messages from the soul and

random acts of being here now

random acts of healing

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