yin times

allow yourself to change allow yourself to change your mind allow yourself to rest allow yourself to be confused yin energy contemplate soul

what may be felt as new found truths penetrated awareness experiment w.their validity integrate and embody question until knowing sets in om

the wheels of light within=chakras= are spinning vortexes activated and flowing kundalini is an intelligence and knows where and what to do

we are entering a gate memories becoming technicolor integration inner nation release thru crown let light stream in the chakra openings

moving thru time memories activate states feelings bring to heart the sense of the impact that the nervous system stores aflame to calm cool

feminine and masculine within 12 main channel meridian system 72,000 nadi’s ida pingala shushumna yin and yang organs earth water fire air

like a string that is twisted slowly and then suddenly released initial sudden release and then calm yin energy

like a wave that has crested and is in release yin energy

profound shifts in energetics and awareness right brain activations integrating movements to a still point at the heart inhale exhale

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