ecosystems and yoga

some ideas where things are going
reflecting on the past
in that -in between- is now
presence breathing
dropping into body
feel earth #yoga


a philosophical and or theoretical connection to nature is
only part of the equation
immersions and deep connectivity restores system/faith

step 1=shine the light on the #beauty of #nature
step 2=list 5 things you are grateful for in nature
every day for a week
try not to repeat

the necessity for systems and structures to house the ever expanding super sensory self=naturally=sustainably=for the #health of #ecosystems

channeling and harnessing the imagination
creating from the deep space=empty of all concepts
color shape line form

at this stage of evolution we are more than equipped with intuitive
senses=w. knowledge passed on = om
the speed gives a sense of time warps

art for earth for art for earth for earth for art
book of om
black and white
and in color

finding one’s creative compass
the process of listening
the primordial sound of om

design systems in the mind
sourced from the heart

past present future energy

nature art beauty earth
awareness sustainability

the already great strides in global communication
as per the earthneeds apparent
will improve exponentially
spread of ideas,

the interdependence on earth

art for earth


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