curriculum for the soul

curriculum for the soul

some ideas around the soul search=or what i like to call curriculum for the soul.

energy body=chakra system

moon cycles

past present future

spontaneity and nature of kundalini

being inspired in the moment and creativity

imagination and intuition

divine call or soul path

seeding ideas for future

expression and vulnerability

soul frequencies

language and expression

right brain

evolutionary times

yoga mantra and sanskrit

eastern and western sciences

social sciences=humanities=the arts

myth magic memory

multiple lifetimes

soul code ascension

pathways to peace=humanitarianism

consciousness as it relates to the field

dna structures and awakening

pineal gland and endocrine system

creating space to create

goddess consciousness

astrology cycles

rebirth and transformation

evolutionary models of design

self sustainability

personal and collective empowerment movement

power as it relates to the system and beliefs

art and creativity

muse energy


structuring time and space

passion, resolve and practise

the journey itself

emergence of spirit=spiritual experiences

lightbody and alchemy


photography as a portal

gaia and earth stewardship

action as it relates to self expression

individuation and collective unconscious