inner goddess

when i look back now, the hints of the goddess awareness were everywhere.  i remember reading women who run with the wolves and the goddess in every woman for example. it was not until i moved out to nelson and spent some time on the ashram nearby that i was influenced by quan yin from some friends there.

i believe this direct transmission between 2005=2007 (i only spent 10 days on the ashram, moved to nelson briefly then to vancouver then victoria then turned around and settled back in winnipeg in 2005 spring.  this was a catalyst for my own kundalini awakening in 2007.  6 months prior to that, i started to paint a woman (myself) from what i was experiencing inside.  many goddess images later (which i attribute every nature picture the goddess as well) i see that she comes in a myriad of forms and sensing the archetypal energy is a key to understanding the multiplexity and multiplicity of this all spontaneous energy.  she moves with symbols=tones=resonances=synchronicities, etc.334506_10151113836685702_1812345041_o283342_10150262917274078_5332549_n

so, i am not sure if all will find the inner goddess images so stark and obvious within themselves, or whether this shakti will manifest in other ways. the good news is we all have it.  it is awakening on the planet en masse and this primordial lifeforce, dampened thru the ages and her cycle, is now reemerging.  it is the creative energy.

i hope my work can inspire you to feel your own energy lifting, flowing, informing, etc. and how your inner shakti makes its way to unionize with your inner shiva.

om namah shivaya om

om shakti shanti om