self development


empowering developing self

in my experience, i have found self development is greatly enhanced by self study.  in order to process experience, one can look within.  a look to how the self is developing, changing, and growing can greatly aid in understanding more of the unique soul purpose and empowered self.  which ultimately leads to a greater idea of what one’s passions, desires, drives and motivations are.

the journey of self, going thru a series of cycles that continue throughout life can be very complex.  in order to understand the masculine and feminine principles, one can see all actions taken, as firstly having been an inspiration from the deep (unconscious aspects of self) . with self awareness, before one takes action, first one can understand what action to take.  this awareness is a feminine intuitive feeling, who then directs the action thru the masculine principle.  a balance of the two can greatly enhance consciousness and lead one synchronistically towards their chosen destiny.  practises such as daily journalling, meditation and time connecting with nature are great ways to aid in self development as well as self expression.

set the stage to create.  with time and space being the fundamental part of life, creating space to create by also taking the time for a practise can enhance performance and also get to the root of who you are.

there is so much great information available now with regards to archetypes and self, astrological cycles and self, as well as higher self integration in the future.  humanity is indeed awakening and it is a very exciting time on the planet.  i hope this has helped to inspire you towards knowing thyself as an individual within a collective=all here to align with one’s own unique soul purpose.